You’ve Got Male: Stopping Marking Behavior

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Is your pooch in the dog house for peeing in the house? Can’t walk 10 feet without your pup checking his p-mail? Do all vertical surfaces beckon a blessing, even if a human is attached? Remedial actions may be just what the pet doctor ordered.

It’s important to determine if you’re on the mark and your pooch is urine marking. Accidents are usually puddles on the floor rather than piddles on vertical surfaces. Rule out the possibility of a medical condition by checking with your vet.

Most marking is territorial. Often less secure pooches in Chihuahua, dachshund or terror bodies, I mean terrier bodies, will do this excessively in hopes that these warning signs will prevent possible confrontations.

The number one thing you can do to prevent marking behavior is spay or neuter your pooch. Yes, X and Y mark the spot. Although testosterone is the number one marking motivator, females in heat use this technique to announce their availability to roaming Romeos. It’s better than because it only attracts males in the general locale.

This behavior may not halt even after you fix your dog if marking has become a learned behavior. However, there are ways to make your table legs, doorways and couches less enticing. For starters, clean all favored areas thoroughly. Avoid using an ammonia-based cleaner; it smells too much like urine.

A new La-Z-Boy, the neighbor’s Weimaraner or even a new-born baby can be perceived as a threat and trigger marking behavior. Mitigate this by ensuring your pet still gets lots of pawsitive attention when the baby is around. Have new roommates play with your pet. Introduce pets properly.

Put new purchases, items like chews I mean shoes, that may smell like other pets, and guests’ belongings out of reach. Restrict views of neighboring animals from inside the house. Reassign the function of target areas by feeding or grooming in them or by relocating toy baskets or dog beds into these spots.

If your pup is full of well–piss and vinegar, you may need to work on the household hierarchy. You can establish yourself as top dog by insisting your canine perform a sit or down before they get what they want: a let-out, your lunch, walks, etc. Fido can feel secure knowing that he does not have to single-handedly monitor the territory.

It’s also important to teach your whizz-kid self-control. Don’t let Fido pee on every vertical surface he encounters on walks. Teach him to “leave it.” Establish a pee post where you encourage him to “shee shee.” Use a pheromone attractant or, even better, get other dogs to christen the spot. Praise and reward your dog enthusiastically if he cooperates.

Constantly supervise your canine until the behavior is remedied. If you are visiting your in-laws, maintain matrimonial harmony by keeping your pup leashed to you at all times. If you have to leave Fido unsupervised, use a virgin area or a crate.

Employing a sound-making device like a fog horn when your pooch is about to mark can distract your dog from the behavior (and the whole neighborhood too). Even if you’re pissed off, beware of scolding your pup when he is marking, especially if it is a regular thing. You do not want this to turn into a game of hide and leak.

As a last resort, you may consider using a belly band on your male dog. This fabric band wraps around the midsection, covering a male’s private parts with an absorbent pad. Many dogs are discouraged from marking because they dislike the wet diaper feeling.

Mark my words: there is no need to suffer. With due diligence you can have a male without all the p-mail. On your mark, get set, go!

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