Meowlo: Pets Teach Us Life’s Big Lessons

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Are you tired of your dog snacking his way through your closet? Of your cat’s preference for the laptop over your lap? Of having every item methodically batted off your nightstand at 4 a.m.? Of being treated like a human bowling pin after a long day of work?

Admittedly, our companion animals may need some training. Then again, in the bigger picture, we may too. Our relationship with our pets may not be about us teaching them these small things but about them helping us learn life’s bigger lessons.

Carpe Diem Yes, it would be nice to sleep in once, just once. Although the waking techniques of our cats and dogs rival those of any alarm clock made by man, most lack the snooze button.  But we must give kudos to the impetus. It’s due to our pets’ insistence and purrsistence, that we’ve seized our days and ultimately enjoyed more sunrises, vistas and rainbows.

 Spirituality The next time your pooch chooses your shoes as an appetizer, remember that some methodologies view materialism as the enemy of spirituality. Cat and dog fur, drool, muddy paws and a general disregard for white furniture helps us let go and prioritize relationships over material items.

Being Maybe you wish your pets wouldn’t create speed bumps in the halls and on your keyboards. Fido and Felix are diligent in their efforts to make us slow down. We are so busy acting like human doings, we forget to take moments and be. Fortunately, our companion animals demand pawse and pets when we are in the fast lane of life.

Commitment Although being allowed to close the bathroom door might be nice, a more devout companion cannot be found.  Our pets’ relationship with us exemplifies “for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.”  Although your mate may not get it, at least your Dalmatian does. Pets embody the meaning of commitment.

Joire de Vivre On one hand, it might be nice to come home after working all day without getting bowled over at the doorstep by a bull terrier. On the other, it would be a bummer to come home and not be bowled over by a bull terrier. Certainly, if we greeted each other with half the enthusiasm our pets demonstrate, the world would be a more joyous place.

Listening Although your dog and cat may willfully misinterpret “come” to mean “go” and “no” to mean “yes,” pets are all ears when it really counts. They will listen to your stories until the chows come home. An added bonus, they don’t try to fix anything but broken hearts.

Forgiveness You may still begrudge your Akita the iPhone that got eaten last month and your Siamese the shredded settee. For lessons in forgiveness, we can turn to our canines. Dogs are one of the most abused species in the world. This maltreatment perpetuates because canines are masters of forgiveness. While returning to an abusive situation is never advisable, certainly we can find it in us to forgive our friends and families their follies.

Unconditional Love Although we may be less inclined to embrace our pets after they’ve rolled in eau de dead toad or enjoyed a rubbish refreshment, they love us unconditionally. They don’t try to change us. They don’t judge us. They accept us as we are, impurrfections and all.

Despite or perhaps due to the fact that they don’t lecture, our companion animals are profound professors. The next time you’re awakened by a landslide of bedside table items or toppled by your Tibetan spaniel, remember, pets make us human. This Thanksgiving let’s take the time to give them a heart-felt meowlo.

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